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Ocean Pointe Area 1D
Mariner's Place

Developer: Haseko Homes, Inc.
Architect: Quad Design Group, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Allison-Ide Structural Engineers LLC
Contractor: Haseko Construction, Inc. / Coastal Construction, Inc.
Project Description:
  • Residential townhouses (condominiums) consisting of 126 units contained in twenty one 2 story buildings. These townhouses are part of a large master planned community currently being developed by Haseko Homes, Inc. in Ewa Beach, Oahu.
    Gross floor area of these townhouses is approximately 185,000 square feet.
    Buildings (2 stories) framed with light gauge steel bearing walls and light gauge steel floor framing with prefabricated wood roof trusses. All floor framing and walls are prefabricated/panelized which results in very economical, quick, and quality construction.
    Project located in Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.
    Estimated construction cost of $14 million for these 21 townhouse buildings with project completion in fall 2003.
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