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Mission Statement

"Through teamwork, innovation, and creativity, we will provide quality service to achieve practical and effective structural solutions."



Located in Pioneer Plaza on Fort Street Mall, Allison-Ide Structural Engineers LLC has been in business for the past 27 years. Originally a local consulting firm, they are not only one of the leading structural engineering firms here in Hawaii, but they have now expanded their geographic scope to include major projects on the mainland USA, South America, Europe, and Asia.
Since inception, Allison-Ide has completed an average of 150 projects per year.

The company's first commercial project was the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) building, which was completed in 1982. One of their most recent commercial projects completed to date is the Hawaiki Tower on Piikoi street, completed on 1999. The Hawaiki Tower is known locally as being the headquarters of Channel 2 News.

John S. Allison and Brian M. Ide head Allison-Ide Structural Engineers. Each of them has more than twenty years of experience in the structural engineering business. Although a relatively small company with only nine employees operating within three levels of management, they nevertheless strive to work as a team regardless of title or stature. This is one of the aspects that this company is known for, or a part of its embedded philosophy.



Allison-Ide's company philosophy entails four key points. These are to:

  • Place creativity into construction
    Work as a team
    Reach project goals successfully
    Stay within the budget





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