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Allison-Ide Structural Engineers (AISE) along with Desimone Consulting Engineers (DCE) were hired by Crescent Heights, a major condominium developer, to provide the structural design for the Ko‘olani condominium project.

 Working in conjunction with the design architect, expensive and difficult-to-construct structural elements, such as transfer girders, were eliminated and the overall structure was streamlined.

 The residential tower was designed with deep caissons, coupled shear walls and 6 inch thick post-tensioned flat plates. Shear walls were coupled with structural steel beams to minimize the floor–to-floor heights and provide the maximum number of floors within the allowable building height.

 The six story high podium utilized a 7-1/2 inch thick post-tensioned flat plate to provide flexibility of the use of space and an economical structural system.

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