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404 Piikoi Hawaiki Tower
Due to budgetary constraints, the Developer of this project approached Allison-Ide Structural Engineers LLC to provide value engineering services for a structural system designed by others. Allison-Ide introduced an innovative structural layout incorporating a modified architectural design. This new design proved to be more economical and allowed the architectural desgin to improve sales, marketing, and financial pro-forma of the project.

The keys to the success of the structural cost savings were:
  • Eliminating all transfer girders
    Reducing the number of interior shear walls by re-shaping the core walls to resemble flanged/tube sections which resulted in greater efficiency to resist lateral loads.
    Redesign of the mat foundation with a "sharp pencil" and latest available computer design software to optimize the design of the mat foundation.
    Close collaboration with the Architect and Contractor to maximize the technical and cost efficiency of the structural system

This project required efficiency in both the engineering and architectural design to meet the budget constraints and program requirements established by the Developer. Although this project was not contractually executed as a desgin-build, the close collaboration between the Architect, Contractor, and Structural Engineer provided all the advantages to the Owner of a design-build project.

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